Atmosphere Remix by The Digital Poets Society

Atmosphere Remix by The Digital Poets Society

Why we make music? 

The Digital Poets Society is an ambient electronic rock band from the United States and they believe storytelling is an essential quality of music best expressed from the inside out. They tell a boldly expressionistic story with their unique style of ambient music that challenges the boundaries of electronic music.

How do we make music?

The band was started in 2010 by multimedia artist and composer Fred Ciminelli, evolving from a desire to create original soundscapes for his fine art installations and related projects. It’s important to note that The Digital Poets Society’s first release, Digital Dreamtime (2011), is designed like a hypertext-poem with the arrangement of the tracks best experienced in a shuffled mode or random playlist fashion. This allows each new shuffle of the tracks to weave together a unique soundscapes for the listener to experience.

Musical influences include Kraftwerk, Portishead, Joy Division, Radiohead, Art of Noise, Peter Gabriel, Robert Fripp, Philip Glass, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson.

So, please press shuffle before you press play and we hope you love what you hear.

What do we do?

We create ambient electronic music with a unique style of music that challenges the boundaries of ambient electronic music. The ambient electronic music we compose is designed to be used as soundscapes for video, film, television, and multimedia art installations.  Our music is available for commercial license, as well as, available for download on iTunes for your personal listening pleasure.